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This is a Japanese restaurant built in a brand-new building in a redevelopment area in front of the train station. The building is a light-looking tenant building with steel structure covered with glass. It is not well-suited for Japanese food and sake, but covering up the space with Japanese style decorations seemed like a move away from the spirit of the owner and cooks.

Therefore, the inorganic and frivolous looking structure was left as is and conversely elements of dining space in Japanese houses were applied all over the place, which would create a dark and warm atmosphere in the memories of many people. A bar made out of concrete reminiscent of the earthen floor, a cutting board counter with hanging tea house drawer chests, curtain room with hanging Western-style light fixtures, etc. The intent of the design was to provide a clean comfortable space with timeless Japanese atmosphere where elements that trace the transition of the dining spaces in Japanese houses are reproduced and built in the exposed building. I feel that this is stemming from the spirit that tries to aim for the essence of owners and cooks who are themselves professionals in cooking and customer service.



Project / TO TO TO
Open / June, 2012
Floor space / 1F 89.94 sqm , 2F 107.41 sqm
Location / Kokubunji-shi,Tokyo,Japan

Client / TO TO TO

Direction / Seiji Sadakiyo
Interior design / Fumitaka Suzuki

Lighting design / ModuleX Inc.
Construction/ M&M PRODUCE inc.

© Photo / Fumitaka Suzuki