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Kasai City in Hyogo Prefecture is the production area of Tamba black beans and Yamadanishiki rice which is used as a raw material for sake. The client was a married couple in their 30s who succeeded a farming business there. While there are still very few sakes that identifies the rice producers, sake rice farmers and sake breweries have partnered to produce a sake made from a single farmer, a so-called single origin sake production. The request was to design a space that conveys the concept of “single origin sake.”

The site was an old factory. Although the building had many oil stains and damages, the scenery in front of it was overwhelming. The ears of rice plants growing sagged down, beautifully illuminated by the sun. There are mountains in the distance that were preserved for generations, and migratory birds are resting their wings in the pond. The beautiful rural sceneries have not changed since ancient times (like in the old Japanese tales). We decided to tear down the wall to take in the scenery into the space. The concept was decided on the spot. The main character of this space will be a “picture” cut out from the scenery, and no other decor was needed.

The refrigeration case like the ones seen in liquor stores are also hidden. The fixtures and speakers are all left bare. The chairs were made out of wood cut from the mountain. The focus was to keep the space sparse rather than designing. By doing so, the scenery, the materials and products from this land stands out.

Bright sunlight comes in from the large scenic picture, and the shadow moves across the shop as time passes. A pleasant wind blows in from the spinning entrance door. It is my wish for this place to function as a spot to convey the mentality of the producers and contribute to preserving the sceneries and products unique to this area.


場所は古い工場だった。建物は油染みや損傷も多かったが、前方の風景にまず圧倒された。彼らが育てる田圃の稲穂がたわわに垂れ、美しく陽に照らされている。その奥には代々守ってきた山々があり、池では渡り鳥が羽を休めている。昔から変わらない美しい田園風景(日本昔ばなしの舞台のよう…)。 ならば壁をぶち破り、その景色を空間へ取り込もう。コンセプトはその場で決定した。風景を切り取った「絵」を空間の主役とし、他に飾るものは何もいらないと。



Project / ten
Open / May, 2017
Site area / 492.37 sqm
Floor space / 93.12 sqm
Location / Kasai-shi,Hyogo,Japan

Client / ten

Interior design / Fumitaka Suzuki (Yagyug Douguten)

Construction / Oda Seizaisyo
Steel pendant light & Display stand / Masaki Kanamori
Wood stool / Masaru Kawai (SOMA)
Table / HIKE
Speaker / sonihouse
Gardener / Miyashita zouen

Art direction / keita shimbo+misaco shimbo(smbetsmb)
Photo / Yagyug douguten
Photo copy right / Yagyug douguten

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